Sunday, September 30, 2007

Buying domain names

Buying domain names is both fun and has the potential to bring in big bucks for those who play in the arena. I own 123 domain names like spaceonthemoon, waren buffet, foundyaonmyspace, and many more the point is that You think where the future is going and lock down on a name you think someone will want later on in life.

once you have domains and Your holding them they can make money with godaddy.They have cash parking program just like the three links above when you link up to the landing pages and link around I get paid per click. godaddy link below to get started

Get started sold in the 7-14 mil range here is the Google search


David G said...

What kind of money do you make doing this, if you don't mind me asking? Its something I thought of going into.

Also, have you heard of / tried .tk domains? They only became available relatively recently so there are still a lot of good ones out there:

photo blocker guy said...

I have made no money yet from selling names. I have every name I ever bought like The way I make money off them is by putting The names in a cash parking program. the program makes a landing page from domain and adds related content links on that page.I get paid per click or view. It's not paying the rent.

But over time with thousands of links and the power of Rss I hope to always take in some money this way to add to all the others way I make money.

It's picking a good name that will sell later.I never tried selling like on ebay there might be a good market for it.

PS it's like owning real estate.