Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Welcome to be unemployable

Hello my name is John and this is my new blog that goes with the podcast show that I'm will be hosting on the podcasterwhoswho network. Being unemployable is when you get to a time in your life when you make your
future happen. when you get to the point when only You control the way you make your

money & ideas come to life. When no one will hire You because You Won't take there offer that's when You have arrived. I don't claim to be there yet myself although I know lots of people who are. My goal with this is to get there and to study by interviewing top money makers in all fields.

I was at the learning annex with trump and there was a man on stage speaking about making money in real estate. He said that what you want to be is unemployable I thought what then I thought WOW. It stood with me all day and night. The next day I bought the domain rights .com and and it's also going to be a sponsored podcast.

P.S If You would like to sponsor This blog leave a comment and we will link up Asap

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