Sunday, September 30, 2007

Buying domain names

Buying domain names is both fun and has the potential to bring in big bucks for those who play in the arena. I own 123 domain names like spaceonthemoon, waren buffet, foundyaonmyspace, and many more the point is that You think where the future is going and lock down on a name you think someone will want later on in life.

once you have domains and Your holding them they can make money with godaddy.They have cash parking program just like the three links above when you link up to the landing pages and link around I get paid per click. godaddy link below to get started

Get started sold in the 7-14 mil range here is the Google search

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Looking for a way out of your nine to five

This will be a way out without having to get out it takes hours a week and could change Your whole life. Blogging is the newest online trend and is sweeping the nation with over 120,000 blog born every day. It takes time to build a trusted presents online but once there You monetize your blog anyway you want to learn more join me at the blog world expo in Vegas Nov 8th & 9th 2007. link below

I may speak at this event if they have room to tell my tale. To learn more about about blogging.
BlogWorld & New Media Expo