Friday, October 26, 2007

bloggers school radio welcomes Ceo Rick Calvert

Bloggers School Radio will interview Rick Calvert CEO and co founder of blog world on the show at 12:00 eastern time zone at noon this sat. I will ask him questions related to the expo. I will also thank him for the free ticket to give away in the bloggers school comment contest. If you have any questions for Rick Calvert then call in on the number on the bottom of this post around 12:10 PM Eastern standard time hope You enjoy the show talk to you all soon.
Call in to the show # 1(347)215-7878 host pin # 9913 call around 12:10 pm sat this Saturday morning.

Thank You
Blogger School Radio

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

best comment wins free blog world expo ticket

I have one ticket from the blog world expo public relations to give a way on blog catalog discussion board. You will post This comment won my then cut and pasted into blogcatlog discussion board for all to see and about one week we will pick a winner base on best comment on why You need to go To blog world expo.

Thank You all from bloggers school blog a radio show

John A Ciampa

Sunday, October 21, 2007

How to invent something cool this year

This year it is up to you to make things happen for yourself. Think of an Idea that will help mankind or pet kind. Get in touch with a patent attorney if you believe strongly in your new concept. Then let the chips fall where they may put up cash and see how far you can take it. If you land your invention and bring it to market you will make the unemployable list for sure. Use imagination it your best tool.

1) Get real upset and mad when something does not go right at work.

(2 take that anger and use it to make the problem better sit and think of ways to make the job better.

3) Once you have the idea think of how useful this would be by thinking of how many others are upset over the same problem.

4) Find a patent good patent attorney get them to send you out info pack on patents

5) Do your homework when the info pack get to you.

6) Put your money where your mind is most patent searches cost between 500.00 and 1000.00 dollars.

7) Wait for results

8) Review your search results this will tell you if there are patents like you’re on the market.

9) if the search is good then it time to put up more money for patent paper work that has to go to the Us patent office or whatever patent office you have in your country.

10) Try to make a prototype if you can some stuff is just too big and costly for you to make a prototype. It's not always necessary to have one.

The [GAS] ultimate “How To” contest - More than $1300 in prizes!

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

The Big Idea

I love to watch The big Idea on CNBC at 11:00 PM nightly. This show not only gets Your imagination to grow but will motivate You to make those visions a reality. It also covers how to get there along with the best interviews I ever seen Tune in Your brain.

Saturday, October 13, 2007

blog money making tip # 2

Get Paid to Blog About the Things You Love!
This is a great way to earn big bucks with your blogs all you need is a blog that's updated 20 times in a certain amount of time Pay per post is very unique.

Pay per post will be at hosting Postie Con in vegas on November 10th 2007 after blog world expo. Blog world expo .

BlogWorld & New Media Expo

Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Blog world expo draws near

There is only one month left to prep your mind for all the info you will learn at this first of it's kind blog world expo. The Expo is set for November 8-10Th 2007 in Vegas I already circled the speakers I want to see. If the two days are not enough then get there one day early and go to the special entrepreneur presentations. see you at the show.BlogWorld & New Media Expo

Monday, October 8, 2007

Dont miss this free ecom expo event

The Free ecom expo is set for Oct 9-11 Don't miss this online event.Here is an ecom video by John Grosshandler inventor of the Ecom expo.

eComXpo Register for free Ecom expo Oct 9-11 2007

Saturday, October 6, 2007

Forget about get rich quick programs

One good way to stay on top and find a worth while business online or off is by reading. There are lots of good magazines like entrepreneur,small business,your business at home,revenue and many more pick one up today and start reading on your brakes at work at home or wherever You can it's worth it. These magazine cover lots of great stuff.

And if thats not enough there is more content online that can help do your homework and find You niche. then just run with it and test the waters while you keep Your day job.

Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Trying to get ineventor of internet for interview

I emailed Sir Tim Berners-Lee for an interview that I can share with my readers.I don't know how this will go all I know is one thing if I never tried I would never get to interview him. I want to send questions and have him address them on topics like Net neutrality and The invention process. I would like tp get him to address question in video format this way I can use it and post it on my blog and you tube.

For now here is a You tube video with Tim Berners talking about Net Neutrality.