Sunday, October 21, 2007

How to invent something cool this year

This year it is up to you to make things happen for yourself. Think of an Idea that will help mankind or pet kind. Get in touch with a patent attorney if you believe strongly in your new concept. Then let the chips fall where they may put up cash and see how far you can take it. If you land your invention and bring it to market you will make the unemployable list for sure. Use imagination it your best tool.

1) Get real upset and mad when something does not go right at work.

(2 take that anger and use it to make the problem better sit and think of ways to make the job better.

3) Once you have the idea think of how useful this would be by thinking of how many others are upset over the same problem.

4) Find a patent good patent attorney get them to send you out info pack on patents

5) Do your homework when the info pack get to you.

6) Put your money where your mind is most patent searches cost between 500.00 and 1000.00 dollars.

7) Wait for results

8) Review your search results this will tell you if there are patents like you’re on the market.

9) if the search is good then it time to put up more money for patent paper work that has to go to the Us patent office or whatever patent office you have in your country.

10) Try to make a prototype if you can some stuff is just too big and costly for you to make a prototype. It's not always necessary to have one.

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