Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Blog world expo draws near

There is only one month left to prep your mind for all the info you will learn at this first of it's kind blog world expo. The Expo is set for November 8-10Th 2007 in Vegas I already circled the speakers I want to see. If the two days are not enough then get there one day early and go to the special entrepreneur presentations. see you at the show.BlogWorld & New Media Expo


Blog said...

Thank you for the post and the link 8).

Looking forward to meeting you at the show.

Blog on!
Rick Calvert
CEO & Co-Founder
BlogWorld & New Media Expo

photo blocker guy said...

It's not a problem there are lots of people that need to come up in the ranks. I was glad to have help when I started blogging.

And I know that the Blog World Expo can help them get a clear understanding of their goals as well as mine.

Thank You for taking the time to leave a comment it is an honor.