Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Who wants to become un employable

At first it sound like a bad thing then You think about it more. Being unemployable Your to good for the job because what you do for You is better then what they can do for You.

Here are three steps to get Your name on the Unemployable list.

1) Always push forward never let negative people control Your mind set. Sometime only You know the way to get it done so do it.

2)always ask other people who already know the way for directions. Never have shame if You ask correctly they will be flattered.

3)Never be afraid to talk to anyone some time people have no Idea what You want so be nice as You ask. before you Know it you will be speaking to the owners and CEO of big company's. So know what to say even when the little guy is on the phone because They may be close to the person You need to pitch. They may even throw them on the phone with You right then and there.

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