Saturday, February 16, 2008

Do you even know the real you

What is your full potential,Do you know the real you? potential comes from within how bad do you want the things that you want to achive in life? The more you want it the more potential you will show yourself. So set your mind to it put your blinders on. Most people are negative your not so keep on moving foward and don't look back.It will all pay off just do whatever it is you want from the heart. Then let the chips fall where you make them fall not where ever the may fall. Best wishes to all the Men and Woman around the world tring to make good things happen.

Just after publishing this post i found a new viewer on this is thier blog is about optimism. Its called I Share Happiness

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Hi there. I like the way you play the words employable and unemployable. I am graduating this year and I have been busy forwarding my resumes. My question is...ok I may be employable now because of my academic standing etc but I don't want to be an employee forever. The thing is, I don't have much initiative to start a business so I can be self-employed and have an early retirement. Is is too early to think about these things? Or should I stick to just find an employer for now?

photo blocker guy said...

The best way to do this is to work while you create a lifstyle that you want. It's never to early to start think about taking a chance tell me what classes are you currently enrolled in at school? i will check out your blog and leave you a comment. i run eighteen blogs two Internet radio shows and will be a keynote speaker at the Blog world expo this September. I have managed to get my blogs sponsored by some big names. i will be covering the 2008 Burton Us open of Snowboarding if i get the green light this march. After that it's off to Breckenridge CO to cover Spring Massive.

PS i got the name at the Learning Annex 2 years ago. i heard a man speaking about business and he said what you want to be is Unemployable and it stood in my head all the way home until i bought the dot com. email me at or visit my radio show at
talk to you soon
Your friend John