Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Blog world expo good chance to network

The blog world expo is full of great people to network with. So be friendly you might meet your next business partner if you keep your eyes open. For a chance to network with others who are on top of there game. There is also a lot to be learned at blog world expo about blogging and new media enjoy the show.


Shawn Lim said...

Hi, I'm Shawn from The Millionaire Secrets. Hope you still remember me. I've favourite you in Technorati.
Keep it up~!

photo blocker guy said...

I do remember You said that you would make lots of money at a young age and I said maybe even about 5 years sooner. Thank for Your action I will do the same.

Next year I will be giving away blog world expo ticket,air,hotel,food

I started Blogger school Radio at blogtalkradio.com/bloggersschool

You should start a show on blog talk radio I will listen for sure.

I meet Dian Thomas 25 year Media Veteran she has written eighteen book and is a very nice person and she is my new student she has been the spokesperson for Kraft Procter Gamble,Zip Lock , Dow,beef and Ocean Spray and can be found at dianthomas.com she is a very interesting person and I am honored and just hope that I can really do some good.

Thanks Again your friend John