Wednesday, November 21, 2007

The Freelance Nation

Who do you know that is unemployable for their own reasons like they make to much money on their own to work for others. I meet a guy by the name of Jay A Lohmann he has never had a job other then the marines. From college Jay has worked for himself doing freelance work Jay has put together 119 collaborative sites called Thefreelancenation These site are all the same the only difference is that each one is for a state within the USA where a freelancer like jay or yourself can find Freelance works within your own city or another city this service is a membership site but is so worth it. Jay has companies like feeding his sites work for freelancers. Jay want to give back to people who started out like him. Jay is Unemployable for his reasons of wanting to work for himself only and with his system will make lots of money for himself using this great system he has built. The Freelance Nation Forums about Jobster

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